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2021-2022 PSC Director Election

Notice of PSC Director Election

On Thursday, December 9th at 7:15 PM there will be an election for the Papillion Soccer Club Director position.


We have two nominations for the Papillion Director of Soccer position- their bios are included below.

The vote will take place on Thursday, December 9th at 7:15pm. We will meet in the upstairs open area of the Papillion Landing Fieldhouse, 1022 W Lincoln St, Papillion, NE 68046

This meeting will be conducted as follows:

  • Meeting will begin promptly at 7:15pm- PSC Assistant Director of Soccer, PJ Biodrowski, will conduct the meeting
  • Each candidate will have 10 minutes to communicate their vision for our club
  • In conclusion, PJ will ask that all members (who are in good standing with the club and have a child playing soccer at either the rec, academy or select level) cast their vote
  • Votes will be counted and announced
  • Meeting should not take more than 45 minutes


Below are the candidate bios for the two nominations:

Lyn Faulker (current PSC Director of Soccer)

Hello.  My name is Lyn Faulkner and I am asking for your vote on December 9th for the PSC Director position.

I am the current Director of our Club and even though many of you know me, you may not know my history with Papillion Soccer.  I spent my career working for Union Pacific Railroad and when I was transferred back to Omaha for a second time, I located my family in Papillion.  My wife and I joined the St. Columbkille parish and because my son had just taken up soccer we joined PSC as well.  I registered my son and soon found myself being asked to coach a Rec team.  I accepted and my road to soccer was born.  I have coached many teams over the years, Boys, and Girls.  Rec., Academy, and Select.  I have taken both boys and girls teams to State and have had many of my players go on to play both high school and college soccer.  During my time with PSC I have obtained several USSF coaching licenses and currently hold my USSF "C" license, and have held several different positions within the club.  I have been the past President, a member of the discipline committee, the former competitive director, a member of the Club's Vision committee, and recently (June 2020 to present) the elected Director of the Club.

During my tenure with PSC I have seen tremendous growth, from a totally Recreational Club of about 250-300 players to a Club that supports Recreational, Academy and Select soccer for a 1,000 boys and girls.  I was one of the original coaches involved in moving PSC from Recreational play into ENSA (the first step of select soccer back in the day).  

I am proud to say that with this tremendous growth of the club has come many challenges as well as changes.  As soccer has grown throughout the Omaha area it has become necessary to provide resources to our Club that will ensure our ability to keep pace with competing clubs and teams.  In June of 2020 I was asked to step in and direct the club when our director at the time resigned his position.  Our biggest challenge at the time was dealing with Covid-19 and ensuring that the safety, and health & welfare of the kids was being taken care of.  As you know we lost our Spring season to Covid.  To keep our players active and provide them with an outlet for soccer I was instrumental in acquiring Techne (a national in-house individual training plan designed to heighten the individual ball handling skills of young players) for our Club.  We still provide this training today (at no cost to the family).  In addition I was also instrumental in retaining a DOC for the Club, and upon Alan Carr's departure was responsible for the hire of Tim Bohnenkamp as our new DOC. Tim was a strong hire and an exceptional addition to our club.  He was the Men's Head Coach at Hastings at the time, and was a former Creighton standout and MLS player.  Additionally this past year I engaged the services of Mike Gabb, former Creighton Goalkeeper, and current assistant coach for Creighton Men's Soccer to assist us in our strategic development.  

As any large soccer club, we too have encountered our share of ups and downs in the last year or so.  We have had quite a turnover of board members (for various reasons), but have filled  these vacancies with hard working, passionate volunteers who continue to give endlessly of their time and talent.  I am proud to say that we have implemented new positions on our soccer board that will assist us in achieving our long range vision of providing a safe, fun and competitive learning environment that meets the needs of Papillion athletes no matter what level of play.  New positions consist of:  Strategic Development, Special Events Coordinator, Director of Marketing, and soon to be a DOC for Rec.  I am proud to say that we have also partnered with the Union Omaha Owls and participated in our first PSC night at Werner Park this fall.  We have just completed our first ever 3v3 tournament inside the Landing which was a hit and will lead the way for future venues.  I am currently working with the Omaha Kings (Omaha's Major Arena PRO Soccer team) to develop a partnership to work with us for more   developmental camps and clinics, which they have agreed to do.

I am also working with the City right now to secure the current Papio Bay practice fields for our future use (as opposed to letting the City convert them to park space at the end of next year as they are now planning on doing).  I and our Vision Team are exploring the purchase or lease of this field space and the installation of lights at this property and /or our game fields to increase play and practice times in the Spring and Fall.  These and other forward thinking initiatives are part of what I am involved in behind the scenes. 

I and my fellow board members have worked hard for you and your children these past few years while keeping our registration cost one of the lowest in the Omaha area.  I promise you  I will continue to work diligently to address the needs of our coaches, players and parents if you see fit to reelect me as your Director for 2022. 

Kurt Shanou

My name is Kurt Schanou and I would like to be nominated for the PSC director position.

I am a current member of the Papillion soccer club, I have a daughter that plays on the 09 Girls Maroon team coached by Brian Lodes and the 09 Girls blue team coached by ZachWigginton (Calissa). I have an 06 daughter (Alison) that is on the Mystics team coached by Dennis Miller and Jason Brezenski. I spent the fall working with Goalkeepers at the Papillion Soccer Club under the direction of Tim Bohnenkamp, the DOC for PSC. I also helped assist Dennis Miller with the goalkeepers on the Mystics team and assisted throughout the fall season with coach Brian and Zach with the 09 girls team training sessions. In addition to this, I was asked a few weeks after the fall season started by PJ to take over a U12 recreational team that had lost their coach. I stepped in and coached those boys through the remainder of the fall season and have continued to coach them into the winter this year. My family and I returned to the club this past season after a few years of being away from the club for various reasons. 

Currently, I am a sales manager for a small family owned company located in Omaha, NE. We have six locations throughout the midwest. I manage all our sales force at all these locations. This opportunity has allowed me to become the coach that I am today and allowed me to stay involved in soccer. The family has really been supportive of my soccer coaching and leadership positions. In addition to my current professional position, I am the president of the Southern Sarpy Activities Program (SSAP). SSAP is an all volunteer group that provides soccer opportunities for the youth in the Springfield area. As president of the Southern Sarpy Activities Program. I oversee all the activities that go on at the soccer complex in Springfield, NE.  Everything from games, practices, camps, clinics, coaching sessions. etc. I just entered my second two year term as the president of the organization. This was for many reasons. We have a vision that we laid out about two years ago, and while part of that vision is done, the other is still in the works. The plans have had many adjustments, thanks to COVID, but overall soccer is pretty strong right now for us at the complex.  In my time as president I have built a strong network of soccer talent that has provided the youth of the Southern Sarpy area some exceptional soccer opportunities. We  have more than doubled the number of events and soccer opportunities that the youth now have down in that area. The complex has more games, training opportunities, camps, soccer clinics and soccer festivals taking place than ever before. We have seen a huge growth in the number of kids and families that spend many hours at the complex playing the sport of soccer compared to years past.  We have hosted coaching courses and license classes for everything from Grassroots to D level.  We have hosted NPL and ECNL games as well through US Club. We have hosted former pro players Wayne Evans and Michael Nardiello, both former players of Manchester United for youth soccer camps now twice. The complex was once home to the Nebraska Christian College mens and womens soccer teams. About 3.5 years ago, I was introduced to Craig Scriven who then was an assistant for the Creighton Women's soccer program at that time. From that point on, Craig and I have worked on developing the game in a different way for the youth in the area. Staying focused on fun, keeping costs reasonable and providing opportunities for players to get recognized. From that initial meeting I was among the first to be a part of the Alliance League in Nebraska, The W.I.N program and soon the new National Soccer League. Craig is also the person that was hired a few years back to get the La Vista Soccer Complex going once again. He has opened a lot of new doors for youth in the state of Nebraska, many most aren't even aware of at this point. I am blessed to have met him and continue to work with him to provide youth with new soccer opportunities. 

Coaching: I started at Papillion Soccer club several years ago on the recreational side. As my kids got better and wanted to advance we moved around for a bit. This movement allowed me to build a network and provide me with the opportunity as a coach to learn lots of new valuable insights about the game while I was away. None more valuable than my time spent with Villarreal Nebraska. I have spent time alongside two college coaches, three DOC's and all different levels of coaches with far more experience than me. All this has provided me with some of the best youth soccer coaching education. I have been given so much quality soccer coaching insight from my time away from the club over the past few years. In addition to my on the job education in the sport,  I have taken all the Grassroots courses for all ages, I have taken level 1 of 3 of the US Club's La Liga coaching training, hoping to get level 2 later this year. I have worked with Craig Scriven, former Creighton Women's assistant and current vice president of USSSA Soccer in the US at W.I.N camps as a coach. I have coached for Villarreal Soccer Club, Springfield, Evolution, and Papillon.  

I am committed to placing the long-term interests of each individual player at the heart of every decision in structuring, operating, and managing this club, by providing a holistic approach in player development for all of our players, recognizing that the soccer experience must include lessons and opportunity both on the field and off. This represents our commitment as professionals in youth development to expect ongoing learning, education and development from all of our staff members in order to ensure that our players have the benefit of best-in-class information and resources in teaching and training young athletes. Finally, I would like to engage with and educate parents to help them understand and embrace the appropriate expectations and roles for them in their child’s overall soccer and athletic development experience.